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OCA - Asian Pacific American Advocates:
Our Mission

OCA is a national civil rights advocacy and educational organization dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, to securing the rights of Asian and Pacific Islander American citizens and permanent residents through legislative and policy initiatives at all levels of the government, and to bettering the lives of the more than 12 million Asian and Pacific Islander Americans across the country.

OCA strives to promote active participation of Asian Pacific Americans in both civic and national matters; secure social justice, equal opportunity and equal treatment of Asian Pacific Americans; eliminate prejudices, stereotypes and ignorance of Asian Pacific Americans; and promote the cultural heritage of Asian Pacific Americans.

OCA takes no collective position on the politics of any foreign country, but instead focuses on the welfare and civil rights of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

In Memoriam—Our OCA Unsung Hero and Luminescent leader, Shui Ziegler

In Memoriam—Our OCA Unsung Hero and Luminescent leader, Shui Ziegler It is with a broken heart that we report to you that we have lost a very bright light in our OCA family. Our dear Shui passed away on Friday, January 12, 2018 at the age of 57. Shui was a resident of New Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania at the time of passing.

As many of you know, Shui gave so much of her time and energy at all OCA-related events and programs, always without fanfare, and always with a smile and can-do attitude. Her legendary devotion, meticulous record keeping, and incredible organizational abilities kept our events and programs solvent and done on time. It may not surprise any of us to learn that when her cancer returned in the midst of our 2017 Lunar New Year Banquet preparations, she chose to delay her chemotherapy sessions so that she would have the energy to see us through the timeline and workload of the event.

With Shui, it was about getting the work done right, and getting it done well. Her role first as VP of Finance and Economic Affairs and then Treasurer has kept OCA solvent and ticking like a clock. Her positivity and creativity brightened many an OCA event. All fortune cookies should come bathed in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles!

OCA-Pittsburgh is better for having had Shui Ziegler grace our steps.

She is survived by her loving family: her parents, husband, 2 sons and 2 daughters-in-law. By request of her family, all services will be private. In lieu of flowers, they request all memorial contributions be made in Shui’s honor to The Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA) Pittsburgh Chapter, OCA Pittsburgh, P.O. Box 2536, Cranberry Twp., PA 16066.

Facts and Figures


Legal Status
501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Organization

National Headquarters
Washington, DC

West Coast Office
Los Angeles, CA

Number of Chapters

Number of Affiliates

Local Membership

Key National Organizational Partners
Anti-Defamation League, Asian American Justice Center, Asian Pacific American Legal Center, Boat People SOS, Japanese American Citizens League, National Council for Asian Pacific Americans, NAACP, National Education Association, & Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Past OCA Pittsburgh Presidents
1974-1975: Andrew Chen
1976-1977: Han Chang
1978: John Chi
1979-1981: Ding Nee
1982: Lanson Shum
1983-1984: T. H. Liu
1985: B. C. Wang
1986: Frank Liu
1987: Dr. C. D. Young
1988: Richard Wang
1989: Dr. Kang-Ning Hu
1990-1991: Karen Yee
1992: Albert Wang
1993: Tom Chen
1994-1995: John Chen
1996-1997: Rae Yang
1998-1999: Paul Wang
2000-2001: Corrie Lee
2002-2003: Dorothy Green
2004: Tay-An Ho
2005: Dorothy Green (Acting)
2006-2008: Wen-Ching Yang
2009-2010: Tong-Chang Lee
2011-2012: Andy Ai
2013-present: Kai Lin

OCA Pittsburgh Honorary Chairs and Special Guests
1992: S. K. Chang
1994: Dr. John Fung
1995: Wen-Hsuen Chang
1996: Dr. Victor Yu
1997: Chiapih Shaw
1998: Judge Ida K Chen
1999: Savio Woo
2001: Karen Yee
2002: Dr. Ming S. Lin
2003: OCA-Pittsburgh Chapter Founders
2004: Dr. Y. C. Ho
2005: Dr. & Mrs. William Ott
2006: Rae Yang
2007: Michael Lin (Director, OCA National)
2008: Ginny Gong (President, OCA National)
2009: Phanny Yang
2010: John Chen
2011: Dorothy Green
2013: Frances Wong (Deceased)
2014: Roberto Clemente, Jr. (Guest of Honor)
2015: Savio L-Y. Woo
2016: Karen Yee
2017: PCRA Founders: Jimmy Wan, Mike Chen, & George Lee
2018: Wen-Ching Yang

Executive Board of Directors

Kai LinKai Lin
844-OCAPGH1 x812
E-Mail Me

Marna FurmanMarna Furman
844-OCAPGH1 x821
E-Mail Me

Karen YeeKaren Yee
844-OCAPGH1 x813
E-Mail Me

Marian LienMarian Lien
VP, Public Affairs
844-OCAPGH1 x816
E-Mail Me

Chiapih ShawChiapih Shaw
VP, Cultural Affairs
844-OCAPGH1 x819
E-Mail Me

Allen PengAllen Peng
VP, Education
844-OCAPGH1 x818
E-Mail Me

Alan LoAlan Lo
VP, Membership Development
844-OCAPGH1 x817
E-Mail Me

Tony SciulloTony Sciullo
844-OCAPGH1 x814
VP, Finance & Economic Affairs
E-Mail Me

David LiuDavid Liu
VP, Community Service
844-OCAPGH1 x820
E-Mail Me

OCA Youth

Kyler LinKyler Lin
OCA Youth President
E-Mail Me

Alicia PengAlicia Peng
OCA Youth Vice President
E-Mail Me

Bobo LiangBobo Liang
OCA Youth Treasurer
E-Mail Me

Mona GuoMona Guo
OCA Youth Secretary
E-Mail Me

Jessie CetorelliJessie Cetorelli
OCA Youth Networking Coordinator
E-Mail Me

Trustee Emeritus

Guoyu LinGuoyu Lin
844-OCAPGH1 x825
E-Mail Me

Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
844-OCAPGH1 x826
E-Mail Me

OCA Youth Performance Ensemble

Chiapih ShawChiapih Shaw
Head Instructor - Chinese Dance
844-OCAPGH1 x819
E-Mail Me

Allen PengAllen Peng
Head Instructor - Lion, Yo Yo, Dragon Teams
844-OCAPGH1 x818
E-Mail Me

OCA Media Team

Qianjun (Kelly) LiQianjun (Kelly) Li
Head Instructor - Chinese Dance
E-Mail Me

Justin HsiehJustin Hsieh
E-Mail Me


1882 Project
On May 6, 1882, the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, was the first substantial federal restriction on United States immigration. The law prohibited all immigration of Chinese laborers and was followed with many local ordinances and state laws aimed to exclude and harass Chinese laborers and merchants, often leading to violence. Several extensions to the 1882 Act were made with more restrictive and discriminatory provisions, over the next fifty years. The Chinese Exclusion Act provisions was not repealed until the 1943 Magnuson Act, allowing the naturalization of Chinese, and the 1965 Hart Cellar Act, removing the restriction on immigration of Chinese individuals.

Military Hazing
In 2011, Private Danny Chen’s death was caused by racialized bullying inflicted by his eight superior officers. This incident and other similar instances in the Armed Forces where individuals were led to suicide as a result of hazing and bullying caused an upwelling of support for a revised approach to these issues. OCA has remained committed to creating a uniform database to track hazing incidents inclusive of a victim’s race, sex, religion, and sexual orientation. Those who serve our country must be protected when they are with their troops and not in active combat.
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The OCA Civil Rights Fellowship
The OCA Civil Rights Fellowship Program was created to provide hands-on training for talented young Asian Pacific American (APA) leaders on issues to create greater access to educational and economic opportunities, and strategically address discriminatory practices, disparities, policies, hate speech, and race motivated violence against APAs. Working with the staff at the OCA National Center in Washington, DC, the Fellow works closely with Congress, the Administration, and other national social justice organizations to advance the well-being of APA communities across the country.

Affirmative Action
OCA recognizes equal opportunity admission policies as a cornerstone program that effectively responds to historical discrimination, racial economic disparities, and promotes a more equitable playing field for all APA students. By expanding opportunity to the historically underprivileged, higher education policies can empower and advance communities. The community’s support is demonstrated in accordance with a 2011 Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF) report, that says that 75% of Asian American support equal opportunity programs.

Voting Rights
OCA is a strong advocate for voters rights. As the fastest group of new immigrants, Asian Americans are increasingly gaining political power through both representation and voting blocs.

OCA is proud to partner with the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund’s (AALDEF) Democracy Program to protect individuals’ right to vote.

APA History Month
Inspired by proclamations for Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Week, Ms. Jeannie Jew and Ms. Ruby Moy, congressional staffers, sought to have similar legislation enacted for Asian Americans. The nationwide effort was coordinated by the National Coalition for a Pacific/Asian American Heritage Proclamation, founded and chaired by Jeannie F. Jew, an OCA National Board member. Also involved with the founding of this celebration was K.L. Wang, founder of OCA.

AAPI immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers should have the ability to equitably sponsor their families to the United States; live without constant fear of detention and deportation; and be provided due process rights if they are ensnared within our country’s detention and deportation system. As such, OCA believes that the family immigration system must address the massive backlog of visa applications, of which 1.8 million are from Asian countries.
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Education is often referred to as the great equalizer and a key component for social and economic mobility for all Americans. OCA believes that K-12 and higher education must be fully accessible to all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. To this end, OCA’s education priorities include ensuring that student data is disaggregated so that necessary resources can be provided to our most needing communities.
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OCA is deeply concerned surrounding the uptick in anti-Asian rhetoric and violence in recent years.

The long term consequences of fear mongering and xenophobic rhetoric is most commonly seen in the case of Vincent Chin, a Chinese American man from Detroit. Chin was savagely beat to death by two laid-off auto workers who had blamed their termination by the booming auto industry in Japan in the 1980s. The economic scapegoating led to the death of Chin while the two individuals were tried and released with a fine and no jail time.